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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the ring chafe or break?

Nope. It won’t. We have tested it tried and true, ran over it with a car, had a swimmer swim her Catalina Channel Swim with the Ringback top on (that’s 15 hours and 53 minutes of highly receptive movement!) and she came out with NO CHAFE. The ring sits in the “sweet spot”, you don’t even notice it. 

Where can I find or try on suits in person?

We do lots of events, please check our events page here to see where we are next. If you are local to Southern California send us an email at to schedule an appointment for a fitting. 

What are the care instructions?

We know you are NOT going to treat this suit like a doily, in fact, it was made for you to kick ass in it, so our philosophy aside of building a SUPER DURABLE suit is that it’s care should be super simple as well. 

  1. When you are done with your salty or chlorine laden session, when you rinse off in the shower let your soap or shampoo run down the suit, that’s it. 
  2. When you take the suit off, roll it in a towel so when you return from your excursion, training or play sessions then most of the moisture will get out of it. Immediately hang to dry (out of direct sunlight- example clothes line- suggestion: a door knob in your home or the bathroom). 

That’s it. Done.

Do your styles come with pads?

They do not. 

We believe in being environmentally/ocean conscious and have chosen not make more plastic pads. Instead, we have made a pad pocket in each of the tops (aside of the Crossback Top) and encourage you to reuse/repurpose pads from your other garments. 

What styles are available in TALL length?

We do not have this available as of yet in our one piece styles. Feel free to send us an email at if this of interest to you, as we would LOVE to hear from you!

What style will fit me best?

Since all styles are designed based on the different curves we possess we have developed a FIT UNIVERSITY VIDEO Series to help you identify what style will be best. The suit has to fit to work like we say it is going to. Boom! 

If you have specific fit questions even after you have watched the FIT UNIVERSITY Series feel free to email our Fit Team at

How will I know when new products are arriving?

Since we manufacture small batches here in the USA we do randomly (not dependent on seasons) make new product. If you are on our email list we will alert you when new products arrive. We will not however flood your inbox with incessant emails, no one likes that, so we decided we will keep you posted as necessary.