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Triathlon Swimsuits

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Triathlon swimsuits are part of your gear

Every female that does triathlon knows that we don’t treat our stuff nicely.

It will get used and abused to the hilt.

Triathletes’ swimsuits are a part of their gear, and as such, will take the ultimate beating at both swim practices held at pools with chlorine and the saltwater ocean swims. Every triathlete I know has a bag of wet gear in their car that may actually sit in the car for hours before even getting home for proper washings and care.

What this meant to Stephanie, Kandu Sport founder and inventor of the Sportkini, was she knew that she needed to build the most durable triathlon swimsuit possible. She not only was one of these athletes who was brutal with her gear but her friends, training partners and competitors were her customers and making a sub-par triathlon swimsuit wouldn’t cut it.

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ZERO tolerance for faulty Triathlon Swimsuits

Triathletes have no time for chafe or anything that will slow us down. We have ZERO tolerance for faulty equipment. We want better because we know it is worth it! We want triathlon swimwear and gear that doesn’t give us grief and compliments us by making us feel empowered, confident and strong. Then we are ALL IN!

Lastly, for the right triathlon swimsuit FIT is EVERYTHING. Women’s bodies, especially athletic bodies, are not a one-size-fits-all situation, so therefore Stephanie knew her engineering approach to swimwear had to get the fit right to ensure the triathlon swimsuit would work unlike any other.

These are the primary tenets by which each Sportkini is made. No detail is left out. In fact, we feel we have raised the bar – being the first high end sports swimwear line that truly is made by one of our own. We didn’t just slap together the standard swimsuit with standard sewing practices, instead we created our own proprietary sewing techniques, along with the finest materials, to get it right.

Who doesn't want the perfect swimsuit?

So if Triathlons are your thing, check out our highly engineered Sportkini swimsuits – for durability, for fit, for comfort and confidence, and for looking good! Engineered by one of us!

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