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“head in the game, hands off the suit”

OMG where is my swimsuit!?

There is nothing worse than that little chatter in the back of your mind “OMG where is my swimsuit? Is it on? Is it off? Are my parts in? Are they out??” …ultimately our founder found this unacceptable. She knew she HAD to build a swimsuit that NEVER took her mind off her game. For goodness sakes we make bulletproof clothing out of Kevlar, we can MAKE BETTER athletic swimsuits, and that is exactly what she set out to do *make better swimsuits*!!

An athletic swimsuit that doesn’t chafe, or go in directions you didn’t want it to go would require engineering. Stephanie calls it “swimsuit engineering”. 

tight swimsuit
women's swimming bikini

Athletic Swimsuit Sins

Stephanie grew up competitive swimming and at age 14 she realized that the standard competitive swimsuits made for training were really, really ugly! They didn’t always work either. The unflattering lines of the traditional competitive swimsuit did not appeal to her as they did not embrace the beautiful true curves of herself and her athletic swimmer friends.  Also she despised the limited color options of red, navy, black or green and the hideous geometric prints that were sprawled across a woman’s mid section. These swimsuit “sins” in her book were a disaster especially to someone who was fashion conscious, color savvy and was body confident. 

As the market was only providing the standard bikini (a garment not known for function) and the hideous athletic swimsuit, Stephanie decided that the perfect swimsuit would be the marriage between what she loved about the pretty flattering bikini and some of the structural components of athletic swimsuits, and thus Sportkini became the answer. 

Who doesn't want the perfect swimsuit?

One that will last – made of the most durable fabric available – fabric that is chlorine resistant – a swimsuit that will flatter with design lines that embrace the many beautiful curves of a woman, and finally one that will truly function to the highest level possible. We have a motto here, and that is “go kill it!” Because that is what the suit is made for, for you to never be held back from being adventurous and living your best life. The Sportkini suit is made to go with you for all of it. 

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