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SwimRun Swimsuits

Performance Swimwear Designed for SwimRun


SwimRun Swimsuits In the Elements

SwimRun is a new sport based around rugged terrain and being out in the elements. A series of trail runs followed by several swims in lakes or oceans. Even though a wetsuit is required for this event, your SwimRun swimsuit under your wetsuit should not cause any chafe as you will be doing the highly repetitive movements of both swimming and running in your wetsuit.

Another Level of SwimRun Swimsuit Engineering

At Kandu Sport we always think about how this garment is going to truly be used. In SwimRun racing, a swimsuit is under the wetsuit, but most training sessions will also include pool training sessions which means chlorine will be affecting the SwimRun swimsuit as well. Another level of engineering is required to make the most durable swimwear possible and an athletic swimsuit that is chlorine-resistant.

Do Your Thing

So if SwimRun is your thing, check out our highly engineered swimsuits – for durability, for fit, for comfort and confidence, and for feeling good. Engineered by one of us.

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