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What Others Are Saying

"Went back in my old photos, saw my first pink stripe Sportkini ring-back from 2009! Have been buying Stephanie's amazing swimsuit creations year after year ever since. I always "want" one before I "need" one, as they last forever. I still have my original pink stripe ring-back going strong and quite a few more. BEST SUIT EVER! Stephanie is the Queen of infusing inspiration and support in ALL of her swimsuits for ALL women!"

LizzyNew England's Sportkini Ambassador Sunshine, Rain, Sleet, and SNOW 57 yr old from the White Mountains of NH

"As a triathlete and an all-around activity junkie, I love wearing Sportkini swimsuits because I just don’t have to think about it! I can do a swim workout in the pool, get in and out of a wetsuit without worrying where my suit is or isn’t going, Jump on my surfboard in just my swimsuit if I want to and not worry about where it will end up when I wipe out! Oh, and did I mention that I get to look great in the process??? It’s the Unicorn Swimsuit – perfect in every way! It doesn’t matter where I go, or which one I wear (I think I have 6 now….), I get compliments up the wazoo on these suits! Love them, love them, love them!!!"

Arland Van Horn

I teach Yoga on SUP boards and my SportKini stays with me no matter which moves I do.

Erin O'MalleySunset SUP Laguna Beach

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