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Hail Yes! Finally we have brought our highly anticipated OP’s (One Pieces) back to market. The silhouette of each style of our one pieces is to ultimately flatter as we have moved AWAY from the traditional dowdy athletic suit. We say No More of THAT. We did it with our proprietary sewing techniques, high grade chlorine resist fabric and FLAIR.

**PLEASE NOTE** This particular style has been fitting the shorter torso female (that is the distance from your breast bone/diaphragm to your pubic bone), so for my shorter torso ladies, this is for you!

Another version will come out of this suit with a longer torso measurement this year 2023

4 reviews for Sport One Piece – Full

  1. Tammy C.

    So I am not the typical 110 lb triathlete
    I am currently a 200 lbs and competitive age grouper in anything from sprint to Ironman distance. I am a back of the packer. So just saying I don’t look like the picture perfect athlete.

    I tried on a Kandu suit at my most recent Ironman race and it fit perfectly. I have worn it since as a one piece for racing and training. I have since gotten a second suit equally as good.

    The fabric has held strong to Color and fit. The stitching has also been exceptional.

    If I can wear a Kandu suit well so can you!!

  2. Ran

    The small size Perfect fit me, I am 5’4”, 108lbs. Great materials and design, I would love to referral to my friends to get this high quality and custom design for you !

  3. Laura

    I’ve had my SportKini one-piece for a year. I wear it ALL THE TIME: in the pool; in the ocean; murky lakes; hot tubs; and LOTS of active movement. The suit looks like new, and is in great shape. Not stretched or faded. Still getting compliments every time I have it on.
    I’m a “mature” athlete; my body shows signs of wear and carries a few extra pounds. I’m not a catalog model. But this suit rocks me, and I feel like I’m rocking the world when I wear it.

  4. Patti

    I love the one-piece suit. It fits me perfectly and stays in place. It is my favorite suit ever. The material is fantastic and it doesn’t fade or stretch out and the styles are amazing. I can’t say enough positive things about the suit, and I get so many compliments. Try one, I think you will absolutely love it!

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