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Did you know that part of our Research and Development is not only to make a suit look pretty, but to test it to death?

The industry is full of “pretty suits” that are not made for any function whatsoever. If you wanted something different, where would you find it?

A dowdy athletic swimsuit was not okay with our athlete/founder Stephanie.

There is a-lot that goes into making a swimsuit, it is VERY TECHNICAL.

She wanted the perfect swimsuit. It HAD to FUNCTION first. And then, like a cherry on top, FLATTER the female curves in both design lines and how colors were laid out on the body.

The picture above is of a swimsuit we tested for both the fabrics durability in salt water and chlorine also to test the sewing construction of the suit. Note: the marks inside were to keep count of how many times the suit had been worn.

This particular suit was in process as the inside of the suit, both bra panels, became full of marks indicating each wear over a year’s time. It was worn by none other the infamous open water marathon swimmer Lynn Kubasek who was relentless in her daily grind of training for her Catalina Channel Crossing. Stephanie trusted that she would give GREAT feedback, and she did! Her completed Channel Swim was 15 hours and 53 minutes, she wore her SportKini and called to let Stephanie know that she experienced no chafe and no swimsuit malfunctions which gave her the peace of mind to focus on completing the 22 miles. WOW! This was really good news for us and we were honored to be part of her epic accomplishment.

Our R&D helped us formulate the real “why” we make swimsuits as we had to understand who would be wearing it and what/how it would worn and used. We wanted to make the best and all the testing helped us raise the bar for ourselves, ultimately raising the bar for you too. It pushed us and that is how we know like we know, that what we provide for a product is far above the rest.

Thank you for always being with us!

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