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I’m a swimsuit designer who is very closely in touch with pattern makers and sewers. Because of this, I am very familiar with sewing techniques used in the swimsuit market. We make performance swimwear, designed for form and function. The average bikini is NOT made for function. Why? It has everything to do with every single component used to make the swimsuit.

In other words, how a particular suit will perform comes down to the choice of fabric, how it is cut and sewn, and even the thread. Did we say perform? Yes, perform.

What does that mean?

Sportkini performance swimwear in action - a printed top and bikini bottoms that don't budge as you move
Sportkini performance swimwear gives you form and function. Pictured: our Flat Top in one of our prints, and our Sassy Hipster bottoms in Sunset

A suit’s performance has everything to do with how it moves or doesn’t move while you are wearing it.

For me and the hundreds of women like me whom I have surveyed relentlessly, we don’t EVER want to fuss with a swimsuit. Constantly fidgeting with a suit, wondering if it is going to stay put, is the last thing we want to do. I absolutely want the suit to perform (NOT MOVE) and look Damn Good.

And that’s it, pretty simple. If a suit does not that do that, I won’t wear it.

To me, and again the hundreds of women I have surveyed, the suit MUST be able to do everything with me and not deter me from the sheer joy of endless adventures, epic training sessions, and water sport related competitions. I want my suit to do it all.

Performance swimwear lets you have it all

Yes, you can buy a quick cheapie bikini. But I strongly feel it isn’t worth the grief I experience if it isn’t performing the way I want it to.

I raised the bar by investing in high quality fabrics, took the time to create our own proprietary sewing techniques and hired the best the swimwear industry has to offer to produce the best line of swimsuits.

In conclusion: We get you, we get what you need your swimwear to do, and we do this for you!

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